I studied at the Centro de Diseño Digital in Caracas, Venezuela, where I learnt the fundamentals of design applied to advertising. I supplemented this with several specialised courses in Adobe programs, as well as photography workshops.

My work experience began in the advertising agency Propela Creativa in Caracas, Venezuela. I combined a part-time job with design studies for two years. My curiosity about the workings of an advertising agency motivated me to explore different departments until I found the right place for me: the graphic design sector. I also worked as an assistant in the post-production and production areas.

My next stage took me to Seville, Spain, to study a degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University EUSA. Concurrently with my studies, I completed internships at the leading travel agency Delem Viajes, where I was in charge of graphic design and content creation for their different brands. As a freelancer, I worked on several projects as a designer, photographer, and creative editor. Collaborating with the startup Zityfy in the “Andalusian Open Future Crowdworking Center” allowed me to learn from a diverse range of entrepreneurs and develop a new methodology for tackling any project.

In 2018 I was awarded a scholarship to study a master’s degree in Design & Marketing in Barcelona, where I currently work in a marketing agency.