My work experience begins in the advertising agency Propela Creativa in Caracas, Venezuela. I combined a part-time job with design studies for two years. My curiosity about how an advertising agency work motivated me to explore different departments until I found the most comfortable. I collaborated mostly in the graphic design sector. I also worked as an assistant in the post-production and production area. Upon my arrival in Seville, I merged my studies with internships at the leading travel agency Delem Viajes, where I was in charge of graphic design and content creation for their different brands. As a freelancer, I had made several projects as a designer, photographer, and editor associated with the creative area. I collaborated with my design skills at the startup Zityfy in the “Andalusian Open Future Crowdworking Center” located in Seville. Being around entrepreneurs made me change my work style. Also, I developed a new methodology to confront any project.

My academic background starts in the “Centro de Diseño de Digital” in Caracas, Venezuela. This center gave me the bases of the design applied to advertise. Simultaneously, I reinforced it with several specialized courses in Adobe programs. During these years I did photography workshops to complement the design area. Later, I moved to Seville, Spain. In order to continue developing my education. In Seville, I studied a degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University EUSA.

Currently, I won a scholarship to study a master’s degree in Design & Marketing and I’m working in a marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain.