Let’s start with the basic.

A call to action in the ad industry is an invitation for a customer to respond in a certain way.

Normally, brands use a call to action to persuade the user. Often, they used to sell the product or given more information about it.

In the digital world, almost all calls to actions are buttons. In any website, you are going to find them as a hurry to click on.

What makes a call to action outstanding?

First, a call to action must be part of the verbal identity of your brand.

Any call to action has to suit the tone and voice of your brand. You have to use your brand language to develop it.

Second, you have to give some security to the users to click on the button.

Given a free trial, no pressure and no commitments are one way to deal with them.

Third, be careful of the usability.

I’m referring to the design. Check the shape of the bottom, typography, placement, and many other details.

Fourth, make it credible.

If you are trying to sell a new product bring some quality information about it. Being sincere is going to be one of the ways that customers click on that button.

Fifth, create instant involvement.

We don’t have to forget that a call to action must create urgency and excitement. You must include strong verbs in the copy.

Another tip is adding an extra call to action. Having an option to purchase the product and another one for more info will make the customer attended.

To conclude, one of the main points to create an efficient call to action is building a verbal identity. Having a brand language will make the costumers feel comfortable with any call to action of your brand.

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