The recipe

For an ad campaign that you are going to launch you need a message behind. That insight is well knowing by the community of advertising as the Big Idea.

There are many ways to create a successful campaign.

All of those ways start by studying your audience. Without this data is going to be impossible that your product or your services survive in the market.

With the investigation about your target you should do a brainstorming answering different questions:

– What is the benefit of the benefit of your product or service?
– Exaggerate the benefit of the product?
– Human truth about your product category?
– What is a clever way to demonstrate the product?
– What is an analogy or a visual metaphor that relates to your product?
– What other disciplines can you borrow thinking off?
– What relevant topics can you relate to your product?
– What is the second benefit?
– What if a random person you give them a product?
– What is the first thing that comes to your head?
– What if you remove one of your senses?
– What ideas can you pull from the past?
– What if a kid describes your product?
– What if my product is…?
– What is the essence of your product?
– What can the product take the place of?
– What if you were the product?
– What is the most unexpected thing that you can do with your product?
– What if you related your product to a random song?

After having the answers you should start thinking about which one is the most useful for your campaign.

That Big Idea should have a description with the promise, the innovation, and the experience of why I’m buying your product.

To conclude, there are many ways to create a Big Idea. Be sure to use all the visual resources to present that idea.

Slogan of nike

El grito de guerra

En la publicidad, el grito de guerra es el eslogan, o el lema que acompaña la marca de una compañía, con la finalidad de identificarla y unificarla en la guerra del mercado.

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